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realistic sex dolls has been known for a long time.
According to David Lee, founder of the famous Chinese doll manufacturer Kingjun Dolls, the culture of simulated human sex dolls originated in the fetish sex culture of medieval Germany, the human doll culture of Japan, and the sex culture of Japanese AV actresses. Although humanoid sex dolls were introduced in Japan in 1982, they were too expensive to be distributed on a small scale, and it wasn’t until China that they really took off.

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The simulated human sex doll is a kind of adult doll that looks very like a real person, feels very like a real person, has soft breasts and buttocks, has a realistic soft vagina, anus and mouth for sexual intercourse, the simulated human entity sex doll also has great spiritual sexual fantasy and spiritual companionship, can be dressed up and role play, can be combined with their respective sexual fantasy scenes for masturbation, stimulate male The dolls are also able to dress up and role play, and can combine their respective sexual fantasy scenarios for masturbation, arousing male sexual desire and satisfying male sexual fantasies. The simulated human sex doll is about the size of a life-sized person or slightly smaller than a life-sized person. Silicone or TPE material is used to make the love doll.